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State of the Institute Ad-Hoc Committee This committee was created with the purpose of investigating the current state of the Institute as it pertains to the Student Experience. It will deliver its report before the Student Senate no later than November 14, 2011, at which time it will cease to exist.


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"State of the Institute" Motion Explained

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This unofficial document explains the meaning and reasoning behind each component of the motion passed by the Student Senate on November 28, 2011.

3 12/02/11

A Letter of Student Concern

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This the letter that was sent to the President, the Vice Presidents, and other members of the Rensselaer leadership prior to the discussion of the motion passed by Senate. The purpose of this letter was to open a line of open and honest communication between the Student Senate and the administration. As a clarification, there was one factual error in the body of this letter: it was stated that in Rensselaer's market basket, there was one other university with an A3 rating. This is actually incorrect; there are no other universities with this rating in this market basket.

1 12/02/11

Agenda 1: 10/18/2011

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Introduction & Planning

0 10/19/11

State of the Institute Ad-Hoc Committee Findings

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This document is a compilation of the findings of the Senate State of the Institute Ad-Hoc Committee. At this time, the findings in this document should not be considered the official "position" the Student Senate; rather, this is a document that outlines the notes and public presentation delivered to the Student Senate by the Ad-Hoc Committee on the State of the Institute as it pertains to the student experience. This document is intended for circulation within the Rensselaer Community. If you have any questions about this document, please contact

1 12/02/11

Timeline of Student Concerns

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This unofficial timeline displays concisely and then discusses in-depth various events and steps taken that precede the Student Senate motion.

2 12/02/11