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41st Senate (2010 - 2011) The 41st Student Senate of the Rensselaer Union, chaired by the 144th Grand Marshal, Ben Hunt ( "We, as agents of change, will identify student concerns, address significant student issues, and work together with the Institute and surrounding community to enhance the Rensselaer experience of today and tomorrow."



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Application to Hold Peaceful Demonstration_2010/2011_Senate Approved

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The Application to Hold Peaceful Demonstration form provided to the Student Senate by Dean Smith December 2010. This document was approved by the Student Senate through Motion #1 on 1/31/2011. This form is to be filled out and submitted to DOSO by any student before holding a demonstration. E-mail with any questions about filling it out or submitting it.

0 02/01/11

Changes to Student Life Performance Plan from FY11 to FY12

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0 11/10/10

CLASS Marketing & Diagrams FY 2011

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These scanned documents (please excuse pen marks from the GM) provide the best known overview of the CLASS Initiative at Rensselaer. Included are: 1. A description of the CLASS Initiative 2. A schematic diagram of the Residential Commons Model 3. A schematic diagram of the Student Experience Model 4. A hierarchical diagram of Student Life on campus. These documents were provided by Dr. Eddie Ade Knowles to the GM Fall 2010.

0 11/11/10

Fall 2010 Survey Overview

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Aggregate data from the Fall 2010 Student Senate Survey. Contact with any questions.

1 01/25/11

GM/PU Forum Slides Final

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PowerPoint slides used for the 11/7/2010 GM/PU Forum hosted by the Student Senate and Union Executive Board in the Union McNeil Room from 8:00pm-9:30pm

1 11/08/10

Hockey Line 2010 Celebration Set-List

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A spreadsheet with a chronology of the groups and performances for the Hockey Line 2010 Celebration. Event runs from 6pm - 11pm on Tuesday the 14th in front of the Union

280 09/12/10

Key Updates to the Student Life Performance Plan 2012

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The distilled version of the FY12 Student Life Performance Plan updates.

0 11/08/10

Spring Training Information

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101 05/02/10

Statement From Dean Smith Describing Peaceful Demonstration Handbook Clause

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This statement from Dean Smith prefaces and describes the logic behind the Peaceful Demonstration wording change in the 2010-2012 Student Handbook of Rights and Responsibilities.

0 01/23/11

Student Life Performance Plan FY12

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This document will shape the next year in Student Life!

0 11/06/10

Sustainability Poll Results

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The results from the TGIF / Sustainability Poll.

1 05/13/11

UNION ANNUAL REPORT 2011 (UAR) Senate approved on 2/14/2011

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UNION ANNUAL REPORT 2011 (UAR) approved by the Student Senate on 2/14/2011 by a vote of 16-0-0. This document is tentative until approved by the RPI Board of Trustees.

0 02/15/11